St John Of God Hospital, Bendigo

Kane Construction
Completed July 2016
Garden Beds: 1,092m2
Reinforced Lawn: 43m2
Make Good Lawn Areas: 807m2
Timber Edging: 25lm
Planting: 2204 items
Irrigation System
Artificial Turf: 13m2
Gravel Areas: 242m2
Exposed Aggregate Concrete: 305m2
Sandstone Paving: 202m2
Fine Textured Surface Concrete: 10m2
Medium Tetxured Surface Concrete: 12m2
Rough Tetxured Surface Concrete: 5m2
Labrytinth: 49m2
Coloured Concrete: 35m2
Timber Fence: 30lm
Car Park Wire Fence: 100 items
Hand Rail: 19lm
Bendch Seating: 7 items
Concrete Stairs to Ambulance Entry: 27m2
Plain Concrete to Ambulanec Entry: 333m2